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Sinners Wall


Situated about 200m further on than Black Wall right, this bay of rock is easily reached by the obvious fisherman's path: it lies about 200m before the building atop the cliffs. It has a handful of good little routes.

1. Devil May Care (6c+) the left wall via some very long moves.

2. Transgressor's Groove (5) the slabby corner has a short tricky section

3. Butcher's Slab (6a) the slabby wall with a tricky finale

4. RepentanceArete (6b+) the right-hand side of the arete gained from the corner on the right

5. Stepped Corner (6b) just that and awkward

6. Sin Bin (6b) the arete, mantelshelf and face with a long reach to the belay

Scintillate (6a+) the obvious flake to join Sin Bin at the ledge.

Forgiveness (6b) huge clacite crystal lead to a steep flake and joining Sin Bin after roof.

7. Father
Confessor (6b) the pillar/arete to a horrible finish

Sin fear (4+) Corner crack, nice bridging. Belay can be gained WITHOUT USE OF LARGE JAMMED BLOCKS IN CHIMNEY.

8. Sinbad (6b) the stepped roof with a balancy section on the slab

9. Sinus (6b) another of the same with a hard start

10. Synthesizer Slab (6b) * the lovely delicate slab

Devilment (4) Short arete leading to pleasant stepped groove.

11. For ye who has sinned.... (6c) left-hand side of the lower wall with a hard move to finish

The Seven Deadly Sins (6c+) * line between the two after first bolt of Wages. Use belay on left.

12. Wages of Sin (6c+) * short intense wall with two difficult sections.

13. The Sinner Man (7b) a desperate sequence on small slots and a rounded finale. Harder for the short.

Windy Buttress

Around the corner and up the slopes from Sinners Walls.

Blow Me Down (thar) (6b+) the first line on the wall with a high (stick-clip) first bolt

Tha'r She Blows (6b+) * a steep start in the centre of the wall to a central shared belay. Low in the grade.

Cleaned Project


The Fat Lady Wall

Situated above the jumble of large boulders up and left of Carbon Slab. There is a steep fisherman's descent close to the coastguard hut leading to its base.

Chubby Loving (6a) the left side of the wall. Staple belay on the right.

Plumper Romp (6b+) wall to right with a tricky finish to a shared belay

Bosom Pals (6b+) a high first bolt to a single bolt belay so share on left

Butterball (5+) * left of earthy chimney to a belay on the arete.

It's Not All Over (5+) right of chimney then share belay 1m to left.

Two hundred metres further along the coastline at much the same level is this excellent, boilerplate slab.

Waiting for the Fat Lady's Thong (5) left of the arete starting up a short corner.

Carbonate (6a+) the obvious arete on the left-hand side of the slab has good line but needs traffic.

1. Carboniferous (4+) left-hand side of the slab with a tricky move to reach the belay

2. Carbon Copy (6b) * very pleasant climbing to the right

3. Carbon Dating (6b+) * slightly harder to the right

4. Carbon Era (6b) * more of the same right again

5. Carbon Times (6b) line above two grassy diagonal rakes

6. Carbon Light (4) an easy trip on the right-hand side of the slab.